Treasurer's Report



In financial terms this has been a relatively quiet year for the Residents' Association. There have been no major financial commitments such as the entrance stone (which is maturing beautifully) or the RAGE campaign.

You will see from the accompanying accounts that the Association is in a strong financial position. It is particularly pleasing that Membership numbers at 58 are slightly up on the previous year. This year we have benefited hugely from the efforts of Catherine and Patrick Bulley who introduced us to Local Puzzle and who have worked tirelessly on our behalf to bring additional income of 1,370 to the Association. Your Committee has decided that these funds should not be used for general “day to day” purposes, but should be earmarked for specific projects and events. The first purchase will be a large gazebo with removable zip-up sides that can be used in all weathers at social events, as well as an outdoor classroom. This will cost around 500. Funds will also be made available as required for the “Little Park Project”. Another possibility is to make the celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday a free event for members.  We would welcome other suggestions from members so please do let us know what you think. 

With the Local Puzzle monies being ring-fenced we need to maintain the Association's funds at a level sufficient to cover seasonal cash flows and to ensure that essential outgoings such as insurance are covered. It is also prudent to retain a contingency reserve in case expenses have to be incurred to represent members' interests properly if problems arise such as road access changes or other planning matters. Your Committee is therefore proposing that the subscription level be maintained at 10 for the current year.

I would like to thank Dave Cornfield for his help checking and verifying the annual accounts.

I will be happy to answer any questions.

Bob MacLean, Hon Treasurer.