Secretary's Report




Firstly, having completed my second year in the position of Secretary, I can report that everything that needed attention during the year did get done successfully. The current committee has worked closely together on several issues – the main one of course being the works carried out to the veteran oak tree, as Paul has already mentioned.

The committee met formally four times during the year, always with a very full agenda. We also had informal contact between members by email when necessary. Members also attended four Parish Council meetings where relevant local items were on the Agenda, such as work to the Oak Tree and flooding to the garden of No. 38 caused, it appears, by rainwater seeping down from the Parish allotments.

In order to keep residents informed, and to encourage new members, we produced Winter and Summer Newsletters reporting on events such as the Scarecrow Event and the Summer BBQ as well as other items of general news. The closed Members’? Facebook page is also a very good way of finding out what’s happening on a day-to-day basis and the website also has lots of information and photographs.

We do try to organise events that involve as many different ages and interests as we can, and we have a band of regular volunteers who will always provide support when they can, but we would like to encourage more volunteers to join in, especially for events such as the Summer BBQ that need a lot of organising and people to help on the day.

Following on from the Conservation Group’s success with Horsham in Bloom’s ‘?It’s Your Neighbourhood” scheme, this year we’ve entered as the Residents’ Association. This is a community scheme, not a competition, although we do need to set goals that will be judged during the summer. It’s fundamentally about improving the area where we live by involving the community. Apart from being able to include events like the BBQ and Local Puzzle, our main focus will be to redesign and plant the two areas either side of the Toddlers’ playground which desperately need attention.

Now that the weather is improving we will make a start with clearing away branches and weeds, with the first session being held this Saturday 19th March between 10.00 and 12.00 o’?clock. We aim to encourage residents of different ages and abilities to come along and join in, not necessarily to do physical work, but perhaps to lend their recycling bins or to offer refreshments. The work sessions will necessarily be ad hoc because of being weather dependent but will be posted on Facebook and the notice board.

Finally, I would like to thank my fellow committee members for their support in what has been a successful year.

Annette Grover

Hon. Secretary