Little Park Project
Little Park before work

The two plots of land either side of the small children’s play area in the centre of Earles Meadow are not regularly maintained or the responsibility of either Horsham District Council or the Parish Council,  although the Parish Council has control over the Play Area itself.  Having discussed the position with both Councils they have no objections to the Residents Association  maintaining and improving the planting on the land as a community project, to enhance the street scene.

This presents an ideal opportunity for the young in our community to be involved in hands-on experience with the cultivation of shrubs and flowers, as well as learning about the benefits for the wildlife living there.

Earles Meadow resident Jean Griffin, a professional gardener and radio broadcaster, has kindly offered to advise and guide. We have a small initial budget for plants, compost, etc but will be looking for help from other sources.

We commenced  work on the land in 2015 and after the initial clearance resident youngsters and local guides planted wild flower seeds. Further work is being carried out as time permits. We invite ideas from you on what you would like to see.

We also need volunteers to support and help with the work.