Chairman's Report




The second year of position of Chairman of EMRA has been busy, with the most obvious change being the work carried out to the veteran oak tree, to which we extend our thanks to North Horsham Parish Council, Horsham District Council and the tree surgeon Jake Strutt who carried out the work. Although it is early days, the tree appears to be recovering well and will no doubt continue to enhance the experience of living in Earles Meadow.

Referring to the oak tree, it is estimated that it is somewhere between 250 and 300 years old. Earles Meadow is somewhat younger, but it too reaches a significant mile stone in 2017, when it will be 25 years since the first houses were built and occupied. So with that in mind, we would welcome suggestions of some suitable way to celebrate this anniversary.

We have also continued our work and co-operation with North Horsham Parish Council, most prominently through the work carried out by Earles Meadow Conservation Group led by Robert Brown and fed and watered by Anne Smith, whose cakes make a really good reason to come along. This year will see a planned divergence between EMRA and EMCG in the work carried out to respective areas, and in which community projects each will participate. The little play park will be looked after by EMRA and it is hoped will encourage additional participation from those residents who most use this facility, which will include the smaller residents.

As I mentioned last year, the committee had been in contact with the Parish Council regarding the entrance to Earles Meadow. Since then, there have been several reported incidents of cars entering Earles Meadow from the direction of Crawley being met with cars coming in the opposite direction on the hatchings. There has been at least one incident of intimidation. Also of concern are the proposals to signal the Moorhead roundabout and its effect on the access to and from Earles Meadow.

As stated previously, we do not yet know the full effect the proposed housing development will have on Earles Meadow, but we will monitor the situation and report back as required.

With regard to the committee, we reluctantly say goodbye to Chris Cornwell who is stepping down due to his work, so there is now a vacancy on the committee. In another change, based on the level of income that the association receives, we need either an Hon. Auditor or an Hon. Independent Examiner, and the latter is currently the case.  In view of a possible conflict of interest, Robert Brown stood down as Hon. Auditor, but the accounts have been Independently Examined and there will be a vote to elect a new Hon. Independent Examiner later in this meeting. Both Auditor and Independent Examiner will need to be specified in the Constitution, which will be changed at the next AGM.

Finally, we continue to invite all members to give their views and feedback and to bring to the attention of the committee any concerns that they may have.

Paul Portnoi, Chairman