Broadband Internet

Since the first days of Broadband, Earles Meadow has suffered from poor connections.  As the crow flies we are not particularly far from Horsham telephone exchange but the route taken by the copper cables is 5.3km. 

In November 2006 we carried out a survey of all 90 homes in Earles Meadow and from a surprisingly large response it was clear that most residents could only obtain between 500 and 1,000Kbps download speeds.

We wrote to the then Chairman of BT on behalf of the Earles Meadow residents and it was agreed that BT would investigate to see if there was any way to improve the service.  After considerable chasing up we were advised in February 2008 that after an extensive investigation into the issue they had been “unable to find evidence to support a poor or unacceptable service in the area”.

Fortunately, in late 2010 BT Openreach began installing fibre optic cables in North Horsham.  This means that since May 2011 we have had access to fibre broadband known as “Fibre to the Cabinet” (or fttc).  There are no fibre cabinets in Earles Meadow so download speeds are unlikely to exceed 25Mbps, but as this is around 25 times the speed formerly available to many users it is a vast improvement. 

Not all Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) have fibre products available yet.  The companies listed below do provide it. We would be interested to hear from residents who receive it through other companies so that we can add them to the list.

Plusnet have supplied fibre broadband in Horsham since it first became available.  Used and recommended by Bob MacLean, number 89.
Plusnet website

Eclipse have supplied fibre broadband in Horsham since shortly after it became available.  Used and recommended by Paul Portnoi, number 1.
Eclipse website

BT, under their Infinity brand, have been involved in fibre broadband since its inception.  Despite this, they were not responsive to enquiries when it first became available in Horsham.  They now seem to have their act t

BT Broadband website

Sky started to offer fibre broadband in 2012.
Sky Fibre Broadband Web Page

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