AGM Minutes

EARLES MEADOW RESIDENTS' ASSOCIATION Minutes of Annual General Meeting 15th March 2017

1. Attendance and apologies for absence

There were 22 residents present, with 9 apologies received.

2. To approve the Minutes of the AGM of 16th March 2016 The Minutes were approved as a true record. There were no matters arising.

3. To receive and adopt Reports

Reports were received from the Chairman, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary and adopted as attached. As the position is currently vacant, no Association Secretary's Report was received.

4. To propose possible amendments to the Constitution to reflect that EMCG is now separate from the Residents' Association

With reference to section 3 of the EMRA Constitution (Membership) it was agreed that EMCG would remain affiliated to EMRA. See attached revised copy of the Constitution.

5. To approve the recommendation of the Committee that in the forthcoming year, no subscription will be collected and that all residents are deemed to be members of the Association. This will be reviewed at the next AGM in 2018

This recommendation was unanimously approved by the Meeting.

6. To no longer collect the annual subscription for EIVICG affiliated members, who do not have voting rights, but are eligible to join EMRA social events

These recommendations were unanimously approved by the Meeting.

7. Report on Local Puzzle scheme

Patrick reported that since he started administering the scheme on behalf of EMRA a total of 2535 had been earned for the benefit of the Association. A figure much applauded by the Meeting, with hearty thanks offered to Patrick for his terrific effort on our behalf. He in turn thanked those residents who submit receipts. He explained that 615 businesses in the Horsham area now participate in the scheme and offered to share the list with any who wished it via e-mail (Dawn Cornfield also suggested she might post the list on the Earles Meadow Facebook page.)

Patrick concluded with a word of warning that the projected income from the scheme in the forthcoming year would probably be much less than previously because the value of the prizes on offer had recently been reduced and are now more difficult to attain. So he requested that residents step up their efforts and submit as any receipts as possible.

8. To report on vehicular safety problems when entering and exiting Earles Meadow The Chairman reported that there is continued dialogue with the relevant Councillors, our MP, and the Police about the particular dangers in using the right turn entry lane into Earles Meadow and exiting right. The implications on traffic flows and road modifications related to the proposed North Horsham Housing Development have also been raised with the relevant authorities. The outcomes are at best described as 'on-going discussions' because no one seems inclined to take any remedial steps and spend money unless a significant accident occurs! Your Committee will continue plugging away at the issue. Residents are asked to report any incidents to the Chairman and/or the police (and possibly dash-cam film!)

9. Small Play Park Area, including the two immediately adjacent garden plots

The Chairman explained to the Meeting that it was proposed by the Committee to put in hand work to renovate and generally improve the two garden plots, building on the excellent efforts so far carried out by a small volunteer team of residents led by Jean Griffin. To this end the landscape contractor Robert Mackinnon McCartney was approached for advice and a quote for the work. His proposals comprise:‑

Right-hand bed: Excavating to a depth of 2-3" and, while keeping the roses, planting shrubs to provide year-round colour and interest, e.g. evergreen azaleas, photinia, etc (Rob also welcomes suggestions.) Finish bed with weed matting and ornamental mulch.

Left-hand bed: Clear edging logs (rotted), trim bushes and move shrubs as needed, move yellow grit box as instructed, and level the spoil. To obviate the need for expensive retaining edging, the bed will have a graded bank. Finish bed with ornamental mulch.

All this for a quote of 1,100 (inc. VAT). Any help and input from residents welcome but, with all due respect, under Rob's instruction. Notice of the dates for the work to be given to all residents, particularly to those living in the vicinity of the area. Relevant precautions and insurances would be the responsibility of Robert McCartney.

The Meeting voted unanimously for the work to go ahead.

10. Proposal that organising social events shall not be a "key activity" of the EMRA Committee but an added extra as and when the opportunity arises.

The Meeting agreed with this proposal.

    Election of officers.

  1. Hon. Chairman: Paul Portnoi was duly elected.

  2. Hon. Treasurer: Robert Maclean was duly elected.

  3. Hon. Secretary: Leslie Coate was duly elected.

  4. Hon. Membership Secretary: Dawn Cornfield was duly elected.

  5. Committee: Patrick was duly elected.

  6. Hon. Auditor: Cristopher Cornwell was duly appointed.


11. Future events in Earles Meadow: It was suggested that a largely self-catering summer picnic might be more appropriate than a BBQ, possibly to celebrate 25 years of the estate.

July 8th was put forward as a possible date for such an event, with Robert Brown saying that with at least a months notice he could probably arrange activities involving the meadows. ii) Letter to NHPC regarding the Small Play Park work proposals (see item 9): It was agreed that the Committee should write to North Horsham Parish Council setting out the proposed work to be carried out on the garden plots adjacent to the Small Play Park area as this land belongs to them. The Chairman agreed to do this.

12. To receive a Report on the work of the Earles Meadow Conservation Group (EMCG) Robert Brown, Group Leader of EMCG delivered a Report on the aims, objectives, workings and the many achievements of the Group (including a number of significant awards won.) All the details were set out in a most informative and clear hand-out available to all at the meeting (see attached.) He concluded that his main concerns for the future are the requirement for further funding in the coming year and, most importantly, the need for more volunteers to help with this valuable and necessary conservation work that benefits us all.

13. Results of EMCG's Photographic Competition and award of prizes

Robert Brown announced that there were 14 entries this year (the 3rd Annual Photographic Competition) the winner being Karen Searle with a picture taken while she was taking part in the Company Volunteer Day. The judges found it difficult to separate second place so joint runners up were 'Thomas with his chain saw' taken by Hilary (No. 65) and 'elderly gentleman' with little girl taken by Jackie Brown.

Finally, a vote of thanks for Robert Brown and all of the hard work of the EMCG was proposed, which was unanimously agreed by the Meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.50pm.